Flora Stencil for Walls, Furniture and Fabric Stencil - Arts and Crafts Stencil


The Flora Stencil can be used to create beautiful feature walls. Apply directly onto plain lining paper or painted walls in a single colour or pick out the flowers in an additional colour.

The design is in repeat and comes with a separate edging stencil for use across the top of the wall. Apply this first, then work downwards to add the repeating pattern.

Re-usable and easy to use, this versatile stencil is a cost effective way to update the interior and exterior of your home.

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Custom sizes available on request at no extra cost. Bespoke stencils are non returnable.

I prefer to lightly coat the back of my stencils with a spray adhesive and apply the paint using a stencil brush. Should you prefer, the stencil can be held in position with tape and the paint applied with a small sponge foam roller.
Remove as much paint as possible from the brush or roller before applying. This will help to prevent the paint from bleeding beneath the surface of the stencil and help to create clean, crisp lines.
Stencilling is a technique which is created by hand and therefore any small mistakes should be seen as part of the charm.

For larger projects I recommend purchasing 2 stencils to help speed up the project and if needed one of the stencils can be cut to fit into difficult areas. The stencils can always be bent to fit into areas, but this can be a bit frustrating.

Laser cut using premium quality Mylar, the stencils are re-usable and can be used for different projects.

Try using with Nicolette Tabram Stencil paint for floors, walls and furniture projects. Water based, hardwearing and formulated for both interior and exterior DIY projects, a little pot goes a long way.
For floor projects use directly onto wood or concrete, or on to painted floor surfaces.
For additional protection, apply a top coat of clear matt varnish onto floors.

Made from premium quality 190 micron Mylar
Designed and manufactured in the UK
Copyright Nicolette Tabram 2021